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  1. Minneapolis
    https://www.mprnews.org/story/2018/02/07/we-tracked-uber-surge-pricing-during-the-super-bowl-here-is-what-we-learned Some Uber drivers made more money than usual during the Super Bowl, but it wasn't the jackpot many expected. MPR News sampled Uber surge pricing every 15 minutes in five areas...
  2. Jacksonville
    Any one care to share? Did 5.5 hrs. A magnificent 68$ and some dudes loose change and pocket lint. I made him feel amazing by saying oh thank you thank you. Like some oliver twist orphan. In my opinion totally a bust id like to see any tactics you guys used and was it profitable. Also picked...
  3. Atlanta
    Surge is going to be booming tonight folks. The rain should subside by noon. Who's cashing out tonight? (:
  4. Minneapolis
    Why even bother if you can't even move. If you can't move you can't make any money. Besides is so stupidly over saturated. Surge is non-exsistant. Locating your passengers is a challenge when THEY don't know where they are cause they aren't from here. Super Bowl is a joke!
  5. News
    http://www.totalprosports.com/2018/01/23/vikings-fans-planning-to-sign-up-as-uber-drivers-drive-eagles-fans-to-wrong-location-for-super-bowl/ After the crap Vikings fans had to deal with in Philadelphia from Eagles, the fans want some pay back after being eliminated from the playoffs and denied...
  6. Minneapolis
    Hey, all, My name's Erik Tormoen; I'm assistant editor at Minnesota Monthly, where I'm putting together a story about driving Uber/Lyft/other such services in Minneapolis during the Super Bowl. Whether you're planning to drive—or opting out—during this uniquely crowd-dense week(end): Would you...
  7. Chattanooga
    Interesting weekend in Chattanooga February 5, 2017. USA Men's soccer and the Super Bowl. Some surge, but nothing crazy. Were the rides you had late Sunday evening short or were they long trips from downtown to the Hixons/Shallowford/Ringgold? Once the Super Bowl ended and I got one ride, I did...
  8. Brevard County
    I am assuming people will be going TO bars before the game, so going downtown (I'm in Melbourne/Pam Bay) to find passengers seems counterproductive. The question is, where to pick people up? They'll be leaving FROM their homes, won't they? So where do I maximize my pick ups before the game...
  9. Orlando
    Is it worth working...?
  10. San Antonio
    Who if anyone is actually striking for Super Bowl Sunday? I put in 8 hours on Monday came away with $40.00 and was on the other side of town from my house at 3:00 am. Before the rate cuts this would/should have been a $80-100 night. More so because of the Spurs game, which I have yet to see...
  11. San Francisco
    Hey, im a driver from Miami. But i cant help thinking that taking a trip to the bay area to work for Super Bowl weekend is worth it or not. If you think it is, what are the requirments to drive in the Bay Area othet than a vehicle with insurance under your name? Any info is greatly appreciated...
  12. San Francisco
    The above map shows what changes will be in effect surrounding the Super Bowl events in downtown San Francisco, January 23 to February 12.
  13. San Francisco
    How much do you think we'll make during the super bowl?
  14. Surge
    Hi, I'm a new driver in San Francisco and I was wondering if anyone has an idea as to what the surge pricing will be during and around the time of the Super Bowl?? I know this is hard to predict but has anyone worked previous events that were similar in magnitude to the Super Bowl (ie...
1-17 of 17 Results