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  1. Minneapolis
    Purely anecdotal & a sample size of 3 but... I’ve now driven 3 NFL employed peoples and no tips from any of them! So, the hospitality worker-bees tip well but the entertainment types not-so-much? Concur w/ others that through Monday night, SB week has been less lucrative than normal time & 7x...
  2. News
    Monday February 8, 2016, 8:30 AM Simi Valley Police Department Community: UBER Driver arrested for DUI after the Superbowl on way to pick up passengers. A Simi Valley Police Officer arrested an UBER driver after Superbowl 50 for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol, having a blood alcohol...
  3. Stories
    The strike was a bust. The leaders have passion but no real organizational skills to build a database of drivers. Until they have a few thousand drivers they can count on, it is silly to try to strike. But the California Highway Patrol pissed off enough Uber passengers in a way that the...
  4. Denver
    Anything to look out for? Options include.. - Strike - Surge - Indifference ..?
  5. San Francisco
    Hey, im a driver from Miami. But i cant help thinking that taking a trip to the bay area to work for Super Bowl weekend is worth it or not. If you think it is, what are the requirments to drive in the Bay Area othet than a vehicle with insurance under your name? Any info is greatly appreciated...
  6. San Francisco
    Sweet, Uber got exclusive rights to pick up n drop off at the Levi's Stadium. Hopefully the rates will change very soon Lol
1-6 of 6 Results