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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Saturation woes in the Burbs is nothing new. The only time I consistently get pings in my neighbourhood is Sunday Morning/Afternoon. And this because I have a lot of ‘regulars.’ Who move around in a consistent fashion. It seems the LYFT App favours rematching the 5*/5* Pax all other things...
  2. Seattle
    Last week I had arranged with my teenage son--who has been pushing me away lately--to come over to my place after lunchtime and spend some time together [Yes! Finally!] today for Father's Day. Sundays have always been a slow day IME, so I set aside the afternoon to share a movie, meal and (most...
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello Lyft Drivers, Did anyone get Lyft Line Requests on the weekend? I did not get even one, when driving on Saturday and Sunday. o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O
  4. Seattle
    A previous comment on another thread recommended hunting for AP runs on Sundays. I presume that meant Sunday evening, but I am not having much luck then at my usual spots. Do you think Sunday travellers are more likely to request from their homes rather than from hotels? Are Sunday AP runs more...
  5. Tips
    My fellow Uber drivers. I do this only part time, but work full time as a technology exec. I took my entire Sunday and drove 20 trips, both with people, and delivery. Bravo to all of you that do this full time. It's mentally exhausting work. Tips are so very important. Here is my...
  6. Chicago
    Don't usually accept pool, but couldn't resist a 1.8x in Lisle.
  7. Miami
    Anybody know what time it will end?
  8. Flex
    The highest post out of our WH/FC was $96 for 4hr block today .... I thought it would get to $100 easily ... Lol ... This facility constantly has blocks of increased rates daily ... A couple months ago they topped out at $120 for a 4hr blocks.
  9. Advice
    I am new to the forms so hello to everyone! I have been doing a lot of research following the signing of the new state budget being signed on Sunday here. I have found that specific guidance will follow in the next 90 days by the DMV here. However I realize that a TLC license is required in...
  10. Los Angeles & Orange County
    LA is oooooooook I think. But does it seem kindof quiet even for a Sunday. OR is it just Sunday!
  11. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Ants are out of control today!! it is cold and the weather is bad, if they would only turn off the app to let it surge o_O So it has to start raining, at least some of them will go home since many don't like to drive when it rains. Sunday morning and with this weather, c'mon ants make pax pay...
  12. Atlanta
    Music Midtown is letting out early due to weather. Hopefully you are working today. Today so far is the best day of the week for me. It's been surging all day! Good luck
  13. Atlanta
    Been driving Uber since OCT 2014. The new heat/surge map isn't putting any RESPECK on our rides. This is how we fight back. I din't work AT ALL this weekend. To hell with Uber's guarantees. I'll be damned if i sit around and wait on $3 rides or drive clear across town for 10 bucks. If ur new u...
  14. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So today to keep my Sunday mellow and drama FREE! I decided to well, blasts Fleetwood Mac and Simon amd Garfunkel b/t rides and w/ riders! Whats your mellow Sunday?
  15. Dallas
    As a newer driver here I was hoping to gain some "helpful" insight from some of you other drivers on the best areas to try and go "online". Like on Sundays, I live in N. FW, but want to work tonight and was hoping for some ideas on where best to begin my evening. Dallas was pretty good last...
  16. Atlanta
    Do any of u guys work on Sundays? There never seems to be many drivers so pings seem to be 20 minutes away. Also it seems like not many people request rides on Sunday. The most money I've made on a Sunday so far is like $50. And that's being online off and on throughout the day.
  17. Tulsa
    Hey fellow Ubers! I was wondering if anyone knew if Sunday's were busy like the rest of the week? Someone I referred was going to try to work tonight and I was curious if there would be any business.
  18. Chicago
    I've been out this morning on the south and northside of Chicago. 2 rides only but the map it lit in red as if it's a high demand. Is the map broken?
1-18 of 18 Results