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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Have noticed some changes since I've come back over the past few weeks. Some very recent and some things that I haven't gotten to try out since before the pandemic started. Something that has changed in the past week or so is how your earnings are reported. Uber has finally stopped including...
  2. Seattle
    Last week I had arranged with my teenage son--who has been pushing me away lately--to come over to my place after lunchtime and spend some time together [Yes! Finally!] today for Father's Day. Sundays have always been a slow day IME, so I set aside the afternoon to share a movie, meal and (most...
  3. Atlanta
    Surge is going to be booming tonight folks. The rain should subside by noon. Who's cashing out tonight? (:
  4. Advice
    My fellow Uber drivers. I do this only part time, but work full time as a technology exec. I took my entire Sunday and drove 20 trips, both with people, and delivery. Bravo to all of you that do this full time. It's mentally exhausting work. Tips are so very important. Here is my...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    LA is oooooooook I think. But does it seem kindof quiet even for a Sunday. OR is it just Sunday!
  6. Melbourne
    Hi. I'm hoping that I can get some help from other drivers about the best times to drive on Sundays. What is a good time to start in the AM, avoiding the last of the Saturday night revellers but getting those who slept away from home and want to go home in the morning. What about the rest of the...
1-6 of 6 Results