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  1. New York City
    Has anyone had access to the 2017 yearly summary? I have the 2016 available but for 2017 all I have available is the monthly from Jan to Apr and a 2017 - 1099-k... wtf??
  2. Lyft
    I have a ticket in to support on this, but wondered if anyone else has seen this. Or, if I am not understanding something and someone might enlighten me. I have essentially just two weeks of driving. I see two instances of the following in Driving History. Looking at a given day, where...
  3. Miami
    Did anyone else get this email? ... Also on a related note, I tried opening my driving summaries from Lyft via app and website and it's not available. huh? BTW the link to the email sends you to this site: https://partnerexperience.wufoo.com/forms/get-20-for-submitting-experience-mia/
  4. San Francisco
    I never received my weekly pay statement from Uber for the week of Oct 3rd-10th. This is the first time my PS hasn't been emailed to me on Wednesday around noon. I also didn't receive the pay statement earnings deposit in my bank account. Has anyone else experienced this recently?
  5. Pay
    I usually receive these on Tuesdays. Not today though. Anybody else out there experience the same? or have you heard any reasons as to why?
1-5 of 5 Results