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  1. Site Help and Suggestions
    There are maybe 6 areas I check regularly, and ignore the rest. Perhaps a Favorites category so put my preferred forums in, for easy access?
  2. Site Help and Suggestions
    I propose that if a member is Ignored by, lets say, 15 Well Known Members, that they get banned from posting in the future.
  3. Washington DC
    I was very much happy with my 2010 Toyota Corolla (150k+ miles), had an accident yesterday and looks like car is going to be totaled. (By the way this was a none uber accident) I am starting to look for a Car but I m not sure if I will be able to afford a car with the amount I will be given...
  4. UberEATS
    Uber Eats is running a quest/promotion where you are guaranteed $16 per hour in take home earnings between 5:00 PM and 12:00 AM. The requirements for this are 1 trip per hour minimum and 60% of the requests completed. To do the quest and get the maximum return you should complete 7 trips (one...
  5. Brisbane
    When I get bored I usually nosey around on the U.S forums, a topic they raise often is driver self defense. Found this video, and thought it'd be a good topic to bring up for discussion.
  6. New York City
    Everyone always goes to Laguardia, because it's so much closer than JFK. The solution for Uber drivers is for there not to be airports so close to the city. Laguardia needs to be moved to Great Neck at a minimum.
  7. Toronto (Ontario)
    This is silly of Uber. Before they contacted me they reported a claim to insurance guys and for the past 2/3 days they were after me. I couldn't take the calls but insurance guys left voice messages about the claim they would like to discuss and process. I have couple things needed to be fixed...
  8. St. Louis
    i am having a terribly hard time trying to contact somebody thru Uber! I have been trying to get started and already have been stopped in my tracks. I uploaded my documents online and after being prompted to download the app i was told to upload them again! I only have a copy of my insurance...
  9. Vehicles
    Hi everyone, Can somebody help me decide ? I need suggestion... Toyota Camry with the vin number 4T1F1FK7HU301676 ... Can somebody check the car from carfax if you have an unlimited account??? How much should i pay most for this car? Thanks in advance . . .
  10. Advice
    I am going to start driving for Uber and maybe Lyft. Looking for some thoughts/advice: 1. Pros and cons of Toyota Prius. Seems like a hybrid is a good idea. 2. Tips on entering into a lease including hidden pitfalls 3. Suggestion for miles on lease. I am plan on being just a part time driver...
  11. Advice
    TIP: Use small suction cups (Hobby Lobby craft store $1.99 ). Leave clear film on sticker and punch hole at top and bottom center; take the metal hook off and there ya go!! Great solution if you don't want to permanently affix the sticker or advertise to the world that you drive for Uber and it...
  12. Miami
    I'm a new driver, female, been on the road 4 days now and it's been beyond disappointing. I have not been getting rides and have very quickly learn earned that south Florida is saturated with drivers and the demand is low right now. Does anyone disagree? I Have a lux suv and have been...
  13. Des Moines
    What could Uber do to improve your experience driving with Uber?
  14. New York City
    Hello Everyone, As the title says, first time in a car accident not my fault other driver hit me . What should i do ? How to fix my car damage n avoid any hassle & yes i did reported to police as i didnt wanted to run after the other driver later on. And no uber or lyft etc were on, in...
  15. Ratings
    As far as ratings go we all know that they are rather unforgiving for drivers and pax often may not realize anything less than a 5 is bad. In the rating system there is clearly a spot to write comments and one would expect to get a comment as to why they are getting a bad rating. Otherwise how...
  16. Advice
    Just looking for "helpful" tips and advice. Please no negativity :-)
  17. Advice
    Hey everyone, Im a new Uber driver in NYC! Nice to meet you all! Is there a separate forum for New york city drivers?? And i have a few questions: does the app let me see surge spots for the entire city? Or how else can i know where there is a surge somewhere across the city? Also how do you...
1-17 of 17 Results