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  1. Melbourne
    Hello Guys, Hope you all are doing well. Now I was thinking to buy a custom Number plates (Funny) I applied for STOL4N and even paid, after few days I got a letter saying they have refunded the money as they cant approve the plates. I want suggestion from you guys if someone can suggest me. I...
  2. London
    Please if anyone is going I have some points that may be useful for all Uber Drivers: 1. When an area that I am in is surging big time, the whole screen is red, why Uber tries to send me jobs 4 or 5 miles away without surge. Last Saturday I refused 39 jobs. 2. if a job is more than 2 miles...
  3. Vehicles
    So last week some drunk A-hole threw a brick through my front windshield. (He went to jail) It still ended up costing me $200. This week I wake up to ALL 4 OF MY TIRES SLASHED! I recently moved from the West coast too the Pittsburgh area. So with that and Christmas $$ is tight! I'm having a...
1-3 of 3 Results