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  1. New Jersey
    Lyft has completely shut off Prme Time. Lyft is worse than Uber but their phone support is better than Uber
  2. New York City
    I was stopped my car to drop off a white drunk ass female passenger on the side of the road. She opened the door without even checking surroundings and other yellow cab hit in the rear passnager door. My rear car door is damaged and front door also. I called police and they told me to pick...
  3. New Jersey
    Title speaks for itself.. read on. https://techcrunch.com/2018/03/02/mit-study-shows-how-much-driving-for-uber-or-lyft-sucks/
  4. New York City
    We can come on here, moan and cry all day long but the writing is on the wall for this industry. It was fun when it started, many of us are at least 2 year vets in the transportation industry but Uber + Lyft has truly ruined an otherwise great and honorable industry. You and I are not our own...
  5. Chicago
    Does anybody here on forum mine bitcoins ? I wonder if any geeks out here driving had as much time as I do and spend like 100+h reading waiting for this bs pings to come and went it to that lol. What other interests did you guys picked up because of massive amount of down time ?
  6. Atlanta
    I've been lurking around this forum for about a month now. The fluff finally hit the fan and I could use some advice from a the vets. I am currently a select driver with about 200 trips under my belt. I was doing O.K making $400-$600 a week, but recently I can barely clear $300. Am I missing...
  7. Complaints
    I am so sick of people who think the doors of my car weigh 22,000 lbs and need every bit of force they can muster to close them. From now on a door slam gets a 1 rating
1-8 of 8 Results