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  1. Chicago
    I've been doing this on and off for four years. I put in many hours trying to herd cats and organize drivers. The current Chicago ordinance would have been much worse without us. The fact remains that Chicago is two markets. There are city drivers wanting to avoid the suburbs and suburban...
  2. Boston
    Hi all, I’m thinking about purchasing a 2005 Escalade that my friend is selling really cheap and is in excellent condition. I know the gas is terrible but I could do UBER XL with it. I would also use it to shlep around my spouses family who don’t have cars since we always have squeeze into our 5...
  3. Licensed
    What's up ...... for 2018? GOT!! news, info or changes to suggest for 2018? Will Uber be adding or limiting CDL/Limo/Black Drivers in your area? Which SUV's and insurance are you using. Most of all, vote, for the highest TL $$$ mode in 2018? Black, SUV, Select or XL?
  4. Vehicles
    I have been driving my 2017 Hyundai Elantra for about 6 months and I want to add another vehicle so I can drive XL or more . I have been told that I can double my revenue if I drive XL and another driver told me to get a large SUV like a Suburban, Tahoe , or Navigator so then I could drive XL...
  5. Connecticut
    So my husband wants to buy a suburban 2016 and do UberSUV in Conneticut primarily starting around greenwich and stamford he claims hell make $1000 a week at the least $800/900 a week working 5 days a week Monday thru Friday from 9am to 6:30pm because UberSuv rates are high. Im doubting it i...
  6. Advice
    This question is specific to my situation and might not apply to others. I earn a reasonable living from sources other than Uber (without going to work). Instead of sitting home doing nothing I tried UberXL for a little bit and now planning to do Uber Black/SUV part time since I love being on...
  7. San Diego
    I drove uberx in San Diego in 2014 and grossed about 3000 to 3500 a month. I think the rates have come down considerably and I was working 7 days a week back then.
  8. New York City
    I have a suburban now but with the mileage, lowered expectations, and via waitlist, it is too much to handle. I'm about to head to tower and other companies in the area tomorrow. But would anyone have any advice on where to find a good priced prius or stretch version? Thanks for reading
1-8 of 8 Results