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  1. Vancouver (Western Canada)
    Congrats guys, for making the new Vancouver Sub-Forum so lively and rich in information, as you get the hang of this ride-hail thing in your city. Because there was not much activity in the Calgary and Edmonton sub-forums, they have been merged into one Western Canada Subforum. This one, right...
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    Please Note: Niagara, Waterloo, Ottawa, and Hamilton have all been put into a single SUB-Forum going forward called: "TORONTO (Ontario)" This was due to relatively low activity in all the other forums, and it only makes sense to have everyone in on the conversation in ONTARIO (well, SOUTHERN...
  3. Seattle
    For any Vancouver folks using the Seattle Forum. Please note that due to ride-hail finally coming to Canada's Third Largest Metropolitan Area, and There is now a Vancouver City forum to start populating. https://uberpeople.net/forums/Vancouver/
1-3 of 3 Results