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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Drivers think they are better than they are. Pax don't want to engage with any learning regards to the probelms/quirks of the app ("I know how to use it"). It is a microcosm of our society in the 21st century...
  2. Lyft
    Gave 50+ Lyft rides last week, 30+ the week before. Got a Lyft survey. "We noticed you haven't driven in a while" Asking me why I quit driving, if I was just driving for Uber or quit completely, was I just taking a break? And why? Inspires me with confidence!
  3. Miami
    Why? Why? Why? o_OLast flight arrived at 1:59 am because it was delayed. :confused:
  4. New Jersey
    So I get a ping, and do my usual screen shot of the info from the app... same screen as where I then stop further requests and then contact the rider, sending a text explaining I don't leave the state and that if they have children with them, car seat(s) will be required as per state law. I...
  5. Columbus
    After finally figuring out where the Uber/Lyft FIFO area was (thanks for the advice UberHammer), I slowly started to notice some issues with CMH's Rideshare setup I started picking up pax at the curb close to the door not knowing there was an area designated for Rideshare drivers, I have not...
  6. Complaints
    The Uber Stickers go on the INSIDE of the Window with the words UBER facing INTO THE VEHICLE and the Chinese Coin logo facing out.. I got it all wrong. I am feeling stupid.
  7. Complaints
    Stamp collecting. Needlepoint. Spelinunking. THESE are all hobbies. Recently, I've been reading through these threads and several young Uberites stated unequivocally "I consider Uber a hobby'. Say WHAAAAAT? Never have I encountered a hobby which involves destroying ones car in order to supply...
1-7 of 7 Results