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  1. Portland
    I just wanted to take a minute to thank the governor for putting the rules in place that will help keep us all safe. Especially the one requiring bars and restaurants to close at 10pm. As everyone knows, the Coronavirus is much more potent after 10pm, so it's a good thing that places are shut...
  2. UberEATS
    So you guy's know how when doing deliveries for McDonalds, they always put those dumb f-ing stickers on their bags, right? Because god forbid your one of those low lives who eat other peoples foods. Needless to say, how the F, am I supposed to check the order is correct without opening the bag...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So you're drunk off your ass.... Which option do you choose??? Better question.... which do you not choose?
  4. Lyft
    So, I live by an Army base, and 330 to 500 am is pretty busy there, but my stinking app seems not to roll over to a new day until 5am causing me to miss those runs. It seems like it wont shoot me pickups until the app moves to the next day.
  5. Stories
    I've been driving part-time over 3 years. During that time I've learned, among other things, how stupid Pax can be. Pax that call you up and give you crap on the way to the pickup and then expect you to show up. This weekend I had just headed towards a long pick up when the phone rang. It was...
  6. Complaints
    I have been a decently performing Dasher for the last several months. But for the past several weeks you have not rewarded my hard work with honest and competent support. On 8/14/18 my account was hacked and my earnings of $147 were stolen. My fault: I was fooled by a caller impersonating...
  7. Boston
    just making some room to share stories about people with no common sense. Today I had this happen, not once but 3 times. groups of 2-3 people sprinting across commonwealth at night, through active traffic in formal attire while almost getting hit multiple times during the attempt. next up, the...
  8. Stories
    Must have had up front pricing or something.
  9. Washington DC
    Maybe its me but you ever reject or cancel a ride then go about your day and not get a ping for a while and start to second guess yourself?? Like hmm maybe I should of taken that damn ride oh well \_●_/
  10. New York City
    This is a serious post. Look, I'm all for us coming on here chatting and exchanging ideas/venting and just chatting. We do not need to all agree on everything. I have noticed that there has been a recent surge in 'new accounts' on this forum all with a pro-Uber bias. I'm a Trump troll on twitter...
  11. Complaints
    Okay, so a pax requested a ride, and they cancelled after im nearby. I drove from 3467 campus irvine dr going to w coastal peak newport beach which is like 10 mins of driving now the s2pid service rep said that this trip is not eligible for cancellation fee. What do you guys think? Her'es some...
  12. Atlanta
    Just got a text from Uber, it's a survey about the pool rides, I'm thinking of not responding, as they can manipulate and deactivate for being a truth teller. What do you guys and gals think???
  13. Complaints
    Just keep requesting XL until you get one of these desperate dweeb FUbers fools for the cheap.
1-13 of 14 Results