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  1. Washington DC
    Got this gem. I saw it and said to myself "that CAN'T BE what I think it is" Upon further review it WAS what I thought it was The son of a (female canine) is flipping the goddamn middle finger in his profile pic. Jesus fornicating Christ how stupid do you have to be? And he wonders why...
  2. Washington DC
    What is it with these people who schedule trips just to go up the block like seriously if you are going to schedule a ride make it worth my time and at least guarantee it since all the ones I've ever gotten where based on me being nearby anyway
  3. Singapore
    We have Riders from every walk of life. Young ones, Old ones, Local, Foreigners, PRs. Regardless where they come from. I hope more effort are in place to keep them informed about the LTA laws where PH Drivers are not suppose to break. From my experience, these are some of the events 1) An...
1-3 of 3 Results