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  1. Advice
    Please post ideas for possible signs to post In Your car for stupid pax! Keep in mind this is just for fun! Not a real sign... but would love to hear your ideas!! Example: Attention: Unfortunately my ability to read minds is not working properly today!!! I will resort to using a G.P.S...
  2. Stories
    I've been driving part-time over 3 years. During that time I've learned, among other things, how stupid Pax can be. Pax that call you up and give you crap on the way to the pickup and then expect you to show up. This weekend I had just headed towards a long pick up when the phone rang. It was...
  3. Washington DC
    Out of all my ratings the ones I'm most proud of are my 1 stars makes it even more gratifying when I return the favor to all the rest of the entitlied scum we shuttle around SAFELY for next to nothing makes for great laughs reading negative feedback for stupid things like making them walk to a...
  4. Washington DC
    Got this beautiful gem today almost printed it out to put on my backseat as an acheivement lmfao.. I guess I missed the two week training course that Lyft and Uber offered to the rest of you guys lmfao
  5. Washington DC
    called Ashly pool rider in 14 st NW around 2 pm Me :Hey Ashly This is uber She interrupted me ! Ashly : one minute i be right outside ! Me : No Don't ! acctuly I'm Calling as DC uber driver queen and supervisor they call me asian queen ! in Uber office ! to let you it's sad you...
  6. Washington DC
    Got thia gem today made my day lmao. Soooo sorry I didnt get out at Terminal A at DCA with tons of traffic and cops yelling at cars to put your bag in the trunk and the car smelled like car freshener :(:( Like I care stupid passengers they can goto....you know where
  7. Chicago
    From time to time, I receive request from people wanting to squeeze an extra person in my car. I drive X not XL so the max is 4 riders. I tell them 4 people is the maximum allowed, you need to order an uber XL. Their response, with a look of disgust is... "We've never had a problem before."...
1-8 of 8 Results