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stupid idea

  1. News
    "Drivers tend to overestimate the performance of automation and will naturally turn their focus away from the road when they turn on their auto-pilot," said the note. "It really needs to be emphasized that these vehicles are not truly self-driving." The news comes after a survey of 900 UK...
  2. Complaints
    Yesterday I went to have my car serviced and found out through my Honda (the Mall of GA location in Buford GA) that Uber Leasing had not paid my note in 3 whole months. I had to pay for my car servicing out of pocket. And if you have a leased car with Uber. You know that you are able to have...
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    I am a new driver. Every time I drive Uber I feel like I am in a video game(GTA) . Does anyone else feels like that?
  4. Autonomous
    Ooops... Feb 29, 2016 Alphabet Inc's Google said on Monday it bears "some responsibility" after one of its self-driving cars struck a municipal bus in a minor crash earlier this month. The crash may be the first case of one of its autonomous cars hitting another vehicle and making an error...