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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    London Black Cab company has been testing their full time drivers via EEG (electroencephalogram/brain-scanner) on their calm/stress and focus levels of driving the classic 'diesel' Black Cab vs. the recently deployed 'electric' Black Cabs. Results were significant...
  2. San Francisco
    We all know bikes, pedestrians, scooters, whatever you wanna ride on.... all people walking on the sidewalks have a chip on their shoulder. they will walk in front of traffic, flip you off, and smile with a smugness that makes you want to murder them. I had 2 people today that qualified and I...
  3. Complaints
    I’m very new to Uber and so far I feel a lot of pressure and anxiety to accept every single request (and have so far). I’m an anxious person and people pleaser by nature so I’m not really sure , Does it get easier to go offline. I feel so anxious going offline worrying if I’m going to miss so...
  4. Atlanta
    $2.75 Gas Price Ouch..... Gas Price goes up quickly but comes down very slooowly, Says the local news.... Another Hurricane on the horizon, future doesn't look good with Gas Prices for Uber Drivers :(
1-4 of 5 Results