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  1. Stories
    My strangest passenger: I drive overnight weekends in the SF Bay Area. One night it was about 3AM when I pick this guy up. He seemed like a tweaker, but I get my share of those. I don’t remember the conversation but I began to realize that this guy was taking me out into the farmlands. At this...
  2. Atlanta
    Anyone else get this? First I find it strange that I would get it since I don't uber much anymore but that's besides the point. What interests me is that when you click on the form and read over it, there are NO details whatsoever as to what the promo is, or what participants would be doing...
  3. Houston
    Now I had not been online for two days (since 9/17) because I was busy and in my friend's wedding. All of a sudden on Saturday 9/19 I start getting calls from the generic Uber rider number- (832) 730-2936. I ignore the calls because I was taking pics with my phone. I didn't think anything of it...
1-3 of 3 Results