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  1. Stories
    So a while back when I first started driving Uber I had a pick up name of PAX on the app was female, when I arrive at location there is a man, he gets into the front and we are off on the trip. We get to talking he's explaining to me that it was his GF that ordered the ride the conversation is...
  2. Stories
    So it’s getting dark on a week night in Round Rock, Texas. I’ve been Uber-driving all day and I’m heading home. I decide to take on one final 5-mile request and call it a day. This girl (the rider) lives in a multi-building complex. I pull in and the gate is closed. No cars are coming out so I...
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    I got a ping to a house on the Bridle Path last night. After arriving, pax cancels, collect $5. I decide to wait on the road for the next ping, maybe they'll re-order. While I'm sitting there, a street parked vehicle right next to the house I was called to starts up behind me, lights on, sits...
  4. Stories
    When they rebuilt the Uber app for ExpressPool, I had a weekend of total chaos. Every address was wrong but this one was REALLY wrong. I wish I could have been like Charles Lindberg--first Uber across the Atlantic!
  5. Toronto (Ontario)
    My personal strangest was not far from my house to all the way down in borderline scarborough-pickering. I passed through the jungle to get there. It was a 49km trip. Got off 407 and went down York Durham line and then Whites Road north. For a moment I thought I was somewhere in the middle of...
  6. Chattanooga
    So, I'm fairly new to driving for Uber but it's been a positive experience for me so far. Well, until this morning. I went out to grab some coffee early this AM and went online to see if I could pick up a couple of riders before heading back home. I was parked just across the Market Street...
1-6 of 6 Results