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  1. New York City
    I got this trip and I thought pessenger would go to jfk but I ended up in Long Island. Then I did not get any ping from Long Island. I had to come back empty hands. I made $97.68-13.5-5 including tolls.
  2. Buffalo & Rochester
    I have been doing the Chippewa Allen grind pretty lately, But I get a lot of passengers that want to go in the drive thru. How does everyone else handle this? I find that its a time suck and I don't really get much boost in fare.
  3. Atlanta
    Hey whats up everyone, I'm just sharing some knowledge even though mods on uberpeople have just made it insane hard. They pretty much take down anything with a video in it and ban you... Even when you follow the rules so I guess even though its 2018 we need to keep this form to archaic text...
  4. Miami
    I know how some of you are about to react to this question off the jump. Asside from the knee-jerk reaction, how can you prevent additional riders from being added to a Line pick-up? It seems more complicated than what you are able to do with pool.
  5. News
    Alphabet's Waymo filed an injunction against Uber for allegedly stealing intellectual property http://www.recode.net/2017/3/10/14885270/alphabet-waymo-uber-lawsuit-otto-anthony-levandowski-lidar Waymo filed sworn testimony that Uber's head of self-driving, Anthony Levandowski, stole key files...
  6. Complaints
    I stopped ubering for last few weeks, if most of us stop using uber even for a little while I am sure they gonna change the prices, first they need to charge atleast 15 to 20% more and secondly they have to take only 10-15% of total fare. I mean we are paying for everything, inaurance, gas...
  7. Dallas
    Anyone use the new "Stop Trip Requests" feature yet? Just saw it in my app today. I'll be using this on every trip, lol. On a side note, it seems there's been more features added to the driver app lately. Is this unusual or has Uber always been adding features constantly? Was thinking it...
1-7 of 8 Results