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  1. Dallas
    I just ran across this story.. near the bottom it mentions that uber may be granting stock options to drivers during their IPO. Well, now that would be interesting. Keep your eyes and ears open for any news on this. What have you heard? Uber lost over $1 billion in Q3 as it closes in on an...
  2. Pay
    I average around 2,000 miles/month with uberlyft. I pay about $30/month extra for ride-sharing coverage. If uberlyft's cost to insure me is the same, they pay 1.5¢ per mile to insure me. Their cost is probably FAR lower, maybe even .5¢ - half a penny per mile! That's probably their biggest...
  3. News
    http://jalopnik.com/uber-taking-millions-in-tax-deductions-by-lying-to-empl-1790335249 Uber Taking 'Millions' In Tax Deductions By Lying To Employees, Lawsuit With an NSO, employees have to pay the tax on the stock options immediately, McElrath's attorney said, and at a significantly higher...
1-4 of 4 Results