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  1. Lyft
    Hi all, It was stupid, I should have put the stickers on but never got around to it. Anyways, I was at the Pitt Airport and a guy came out and took pics of the front and back of my car and mentioned that I had no stickers. I asked him if there was a problem, and he said no - everything was...
  2. New York City
    I see a couple of tlc cars with the nypd stickers. my questions are, what are they purpose, are they legal and can i get one? thanks
  3. Stories
    Hopefully I won't be accused of contaminating the environment.
  4. Canberra
    Uber sent the following email to Canberra drivers on Wednesday 7 November 2018 to remind them not to use the Uber airport access card when picking up family and friends and to have the Uber sticker displayed when using the Uber driver app: Staying compliant with rules and procedures at Canberra...
  5. Canberra
    Ola has advised the following information about stickers in a text message sent to drivers on Wednesday 23 May 2018: Hi Jack Malarkey! OLA is now LIVE in Canberra and we have stickers! Come pick one up from us TOMORROW [Thursday 24 May] between 10am and 1pm at Waves Car Wash, 15/17 Lonsdale...
  6. Complaints
    Why is the sticker on right side? It’s for our customers and they are on left side of the road! Uber probably save money to print letters for AU...for Us is ok on the right side... My one is on left,and I’m probably only one in this city who find out this ?..:-)
  7. Brisbane
    Just got the new signage today and images show how they look with info to display. Uber stickers required Use these removable stickers for perfect pickups Whenever you're 'online' and accepting Uber Trips, the local regulations require removable stickers to be displayed on the passenger side...
  8. Advice
    So, I'm wondering if anyone has had better results with one of those Uber light up window signs. I've heard many riders say the logo is hard to see in the dark. Just wondering if anyone knew if they actually make life easier. I don't want to spend money I don't have.
  9. Rockland & Westchester
    Part of the June 27th agreement between Westchester County, Uber and Lyft is to provide an optional program for drivers to be fingerprinted. For only $90, to cover costs, drivers who pass may proudly display a decal (sticker) on their cars. There is no indication in the rider-App, but passengers...
  10. Sydney
    There's a hilarious Uber driver driving around Sydney in a hotted up Camry. It's funny because he thinks it looks good but it in reality it probably causes extreme embarrassment for his passengers. The car is covered in large custom made magnetic signs. I assume Uber's logo was used without...
  11. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Yesterday I got a pin and once I got there this two ladies started smiling and acting all happy like if they knew me, so a little confuse I said hi to them and they told me that they just got a Psycho trying to pick them up and that they were really happy to get me. So here is what happen, they...
  12. Philadelphia
    Can't find it anywhere... Are the Uber/Lyft decals required by law? I have mine in my windows at all times, but I haven't been able to find if it's actually required. Thanks!
  13. London
    NO SMOKING / NO FOOD/ NO DRINK I want to place No food/drink stickers inside my car. I was about to design and print myself a little ones just for back side windows but found this: https://www.datacars.com/no-smoking-stickers/ What is an actual legal requirement? Are 70mm no smoking stickers a...
  14. Toronto (Ontario)
    How are you guys handling the stickers? Do you also put on stickers when doing Ubereats? Also, I havent seen many people with stickers in downtown...so far only two in Mississauga. Is there any fine yet?
  15. Toronto (Ontario)
    I watched the news tonight an it seems like we are supposed to have stickers on our cars. I knew it was coming but did not know that they are available already (not that I want it - but I heard there are heavy fines). Has anyone heard where we can get these Uber stickers and if they are...
1-15 of 16 Results