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  1. Introductions
    Because the government sticker was not visible on the back of the car. A colleague received it in the airport waiting area.. 6000$!! incredible but true. We have to check everything, the lights, the liquids, the nails in the tires... Good luck friendsand pay attention !
  2. Technology
    Where do you put your stickers alerting pax to the presence of a dashcam? On the windows facing out? Windows facing in? Both? On some surface inside other than the windows? It's tricky for me because I usually roll down the windows a few inches to start the "I'm so-and-so. What's your...
  3. Canberra
    (https://www.legislation.act.gov.au/DownloadFile/ni/2019-463/current/PDF/2019-463.PDF) At rideshare lunch today, I became aware of the above notifiable instrument made on 15 July 2019 that took effect from the following day. Note in particular item 4: 'An approved identifier for a rideshare...
  4. Melbourne
    So I'm just starting out as an Uber driver and I want to make sure I'm as prepared as possible. Things I'll need are: 1) Uber sticker - the one that goes on the front windscreen that everyone in Melbourne seems to have. 2) GPS holder - I want my phone to be attached to the dashboard so that I...
  5. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello Community, Anyone get the "new and improved" Uber Decal sticker. Got a message today to confirm my shipping address to receive it. Hope the new one doesn't look like a "butthole".
  6. New York City
    My car became a victim recently. I got it fixed but obviously my new qt glass doesnt have the diamond sticker on it... Do I NEED to head to the tlc insepction spot? (Keyword is need) What are the consequences for driving without it?
  7. Canberra
    I have been absent from this forum for a while and on returning, I've found it difficult to synthesise all the threads regarding whether the green and white licences (officially termed "Licence to operate a ride-share vehicle") issued by the ACT Road Transport Authority were still being issued...
  8. Complaints
    Why is the sticker on right side? It’s for our customers and they are on left side of the road! Uber probably save money to print letters for AU...for Us is ok on the right side... My one is on left,and I’m probably only one in this city who find out this ?..:-)
  9. Minneapolis
    Center of the windshield, passenger side. Driver side had a phone mount Center of the windshield and a GPS right below that.
  10. Toronto (Ontario)
    In app it says blablablah Toronto bylaws, yet I see many obviously Uber cars without a sticker. Is it enforced in any way yet?
  11. Canberra
    Uber has just sent an email, text and in-app message to Canberra drivers about a new requirement taking effect from Wednesday 1 November 2017 to display an Uber sticker on the driver's side rear window whenever online to accept trips or during trips. Here's the text of the email: Updating...
  12. Advice
    As I narrow down my choice for a two-headed dash cam, I'm thinking of stickers. I'm in a two-party consent state, so I need a sticker to tell people I'm recording. Can someone recommend some nice surveillance stickers for my car?
  13. Lyft
    Before I Guinea Pig my vehicle's leather dash, I'm wondering how the dash mount is treating your dash boards? Like many dash board cell phone mounts via adhesive, I'm curious if the same is or can be expected from the Amp's adhesive mount. The Amp is much heavier than the Glowstache. I'd...
  14. Toronto (Ontario)
    i know this has been addressed in other postings, but the links to print this thing are broken. Can someone please let me know, what is the easiest way to acquire this sticker/decal thing, and are there any posted rules on where and how it must be displayed. Thanks guys ....
  15. Washington DC
    Hi all, I am planning to sell my car but I'm sure it will take some time. And I'm in no rush. I won't be Ubering for a while. So I wonder what happens to the registration and TNC stickers if I remove the car from my account right now. In other words, the plate has TNC stickers now. But I...
  16. Advice
    Can I pick one up somewhere in Tampa?
  17. Chicago
    Hi Everyone, I just drove the Xchange leasing car home from the dealership and as I was parking, I realized there was no city sticker (I live in Chicago) on the windshield or even in the paperwork folder. Am I responsible for the city sticker or should they have provided it? I am asking here...
  18. Toronto (Ontario)
    Does anyone in this forum know when the second batch of Uber Toronto PTC Stickers is coming? The media (Most dishonest and corrupt people on this planet) has me worried about fines. Actionjax, Do you have any "Insider knowledge"? I sent an email to Uber, and received a pretty vague answer back...
  19. Las Vegas
    Who is interested in buying an "Anti Taxi" car sticker? Will have the "U" logo, Uber, Lyft, or Lyft mustache. Stickers will be 5.9 by 4.13. Will like to get an inquire before sending out an order.
  20. Cleveland & Akron
    Does anyone know what uberGOLD is? I got a text saying that I am appreciated as an uberGOLD member, but when I contacted support all they say is that I get a new gold sticker.. I asked if there are any benefits of this and they told me that they are not allowed to answer that, and if I have more...
1-20 of 20 Results