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  1. Lyft
    I live in Brunswick, GA. We often take passengers to Jacksonville Int'l. (In Florida) Airport about 45 minutes away. With Lyft I get multiple pings in Florida after I drop my passenger off. I'm assuming it's ok to accept rides in FL since they're coming my way. Looking for input. Thanks!
  2. Insurance
    So I just got my renewal for my state farm insurance in Florida with the TNC endorsement. My bill went from $1140 to $1285. I'm wondering if part of the reason is they added/changed the endorsement codes. On my old policy I had endorsement 6015J which was actually only about $6.50 per month in...
  3. Advice
    Fewest cars in the lot in 6 months. Bombarded by pool requests that I ignore. Then put on 15 min probation. Guess Uber thinks I'm an employee. I like busting my but for family, a good friend or a good employer. Uber doesn't qualify. They have a world changing product, great employees to provide...
  4. Jacksonville
    Did you guys get the email yet? Well uber wants both riders and drivers to stand up to the state government and tell them why uber needs to stay here and how great they are and we need them....lol? How many drivers are really going to say to government here to keep Uber here...please...my...
  5. Pay
    Please answer the following questions? 1. Your Market: State and City? 2. Your Uber Level: X - XL - Select - Black - SUV? 3. What is your average Number of Trips Daily: 4. Average Days Worked: 5. Average Daily Hours:
1-5 of 5 Results