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  1. Stories
    I sometimes chuckle whenever I read about drivers rating riders 3 or fewer stars for relatively trivial things like wiping their golden nose boogers on the seats or sneezing onto the door's window. These same snowflakes are always back next month with sand in their vaginas just to ***** and...
  2. Ratings
    I want some two stars, just for once dammit!
  3. Stories
    Do you ever take a moment during rideshare for a mental break? Look out at the beautiful sky✨ and reflect. What types of things do you think about? If you don't take mental breaks, what are you thinking about while driving?
  4. San Diego
    I updated my Uber app to Apple version 4.237.10001 on Tuesday (?) and while flicking through this morning came across this. List a place and if a request is made from there, a star will appear next to it.
  5. Complaints
    I am a frequent UberX pax. When I get into an UberX and I am stressed about work, I do not want to tell the driver to turn the music down. I do not want to seem bossy. Sometimes the driver seems easy to ask. Sometimes they seem like stone idols who do not want to be bothered. What really...
  6. Lyft
    I have seen several posts that have screenshots showing how much the pax paid for the ride and what their cut was. I have also seen where someone posted a shot of their star ratings, you know it gives a breakdown on the stars received and show notes left by the pax. In one I know I saw someone...
  7. Ratings
    I am curious as to how folks rate their passengers. What makes you give 4 stars 3 stars ect. ?
  8. Complaints
    So, part time Driver, I have about 500 rides done since Thanksgiving. I drive a nice Sedan, no issues there, plenty of Badges and Compliments, 4.92 rating........ And all of a sudden my rating drops to 4.9 and I have an issue reported for Safety. I went through all my rides for the past few...
  9. Lyft
    Bored, no rides, wrote an email to Lyft. Enjoy.
  10. News
    http://www.adweek.com/brand-marketing/uber-shines-a-light-on-its-most-complimented-drivers-in-series-of-long-form-ads/ Uber is beginning 2018 by focusing more on celebrating its drivers, beginning with a pair of documentary-style spots-timed to National Compliment Day today-profiling two...
  11. Atlanta
    I'm just a part timer but thought this might interest those Atlanta drivers who are worried about ratings. Guess what I changed in my driving routine back in mid Nov?
  12. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Everyone who drives for uber/ lyft should watch"black mirror" on netflix. How to get rated
  13. Dallas
    does everyone get a 5? why or why not? your system? thanks in advance for any info.
  14. Ratings
    15 Rated and 15 5 Stars but 4.8 rating? How does that work?
  15. Ratings
    Who agree that Uber Rating System is FAR from being accurate and fair. As Uber Select Driver we have to maintain a 4.7 rating . Many Riders rate carelessly, or think 4 stars is great, while if most rate 4 stars you would be deactivated in no times. The biggest issue with the rating system is...
  16. New Jersey
    Don't get it about low ratings ?? As a driver myself I was under the impression that we must be above 4.6to keep on driving but it seems to me that ny tlc drivers have a different rating than us nj drivers Let me explain I friend of mine asked me about driver ratings that she is getting drivers...
  17. New Jersey
    We all know and agreed to the "no tipping required" policy when we signed up. Some passengers still do leave a tip. We appreciate that: it is a distinguishing best behavior that should earn 5 stars. 4 stars is still a decent rating. You go to a 4 star hotel and feel it is better than most...
  18. Raleigh-Durham
    This whole Uber 5 star satisfaction scoring point system is exactly like being in elementary school, having a "good day" and getting a smiley face sticker from the teacher. Yippee!!! Look what I got!! You've made my day! My driving satisfaction would be greatly improved if the passengers had...
  19. Technology
    Hello UberPeople, So this has happened twice out of 200 rides and really created headaches for myself and the passenger. My passenger gets in the car, I confirm their name and I go to swipe "Begin Trip". After swiping, the app immediately goes to the Stars screen to rate the passenger...
1-20 of 24 Results