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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Interesting update from LYFT: If PAX doesn't rate it defaults to 5* (more or less analogous to the driver App) They are auto-dropping LOWEST rating, and explicitly communicating to drivers that they can 'tell their side to dispute low ratings (I do this all the time when PAX asks me to do...
  2. Sydney
    Hi guys, I started uber recently and finished my first week, so far did 50 trips and 644 doller. Thanks for valuable guidance and I learnt lot from your blogs. My star rating in 4.5. That's make me worry now. Recently I was driving on sunnyholt road I got ping and within 3 minutes rider...
  3. Lyft
    In my 11 months of 70 hour per week driving, my rating out to the second decimal point has fluctuated between a 4.78 and a 4.97, depending on the passive aggressive level of my pax. This summer, with the effective end of PDB and the addition of prime-time-triggering summer festivals, I have...
  4. Ratings
    About a month or so ago, one of the rider members here posted a massive list of things drivers need to do to get 5 stars (about half of which us drivers seemed to very much disagree with!) so after my morning this morning, I figure its time us drivers let the pax know how we rate them with a...
  5. Ratings
    I feel forced to give mediocre/bad pax 5 stars just to keep them from retaliating. At least give us the option to pass on rating them.
  6. Advice
    Here's a possible scenario: Since the rating system is shrouded in mystery, and you have no idea who is rating what, a rider can take multiple trips over a weekend and end up getting dinged. Since they have no idea who dinged them, but are feeling vengeful, they simply go back and hammer...
  7. Atlanta
    Could the passengers see which drivers gave them low rating stars? I'm trying to avoid retaliation here. But they do deserve 3 stars.
  8. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hi Everyone, I've got 70 rides under my belt so far and I wanted to vent some frustrations and see if you can help my stress levels go down before I have a heart attack. I am still getting a handful of 4*s despite everything I do. I was up 4.86 one day from a slew of great people and it seems...
1-8 of 8 Results