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  1. Seattle
    SR 99 Tunnel Toll Rates Tolling in the SR 99 tunnel will begin November 9, 2019. Tolls will be collected in both directions as you exit the tunnel. Drivers with a Good To Go! pass will pay the lowest toll rate. Drivers who choose to register their license plate on a Good To Go! account without...
  2. Atlanta
    I won't go into detail, because I've already ranted ad nausea about this everywhere. tl;dr rideshare lane off cobb parkway 30-45 minutes or LONGER. Police DO NOTHING. Personally, I'm not picking up ANYONE FROM THAT STADIUM EVER AGAIN. But for those of you who are still going there, I have the...
  3. Minneapolis
    I had a request come in after the Twins game which is always a mess but I had my destination filter on and it was a 1.7x surge so why not. I called them right away to find out where they were. They were on 7th right by the main entrance/ProShop. As I pulled up and barely stopped a traffic guy...
1-3 of 3 Results