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  1. San Diego
    "Stacked trips" is one of two ways Uber is using to reduce or eliminate the possibility of surging in any given area that normally surges. My experience with stacked trips has always been one of a short, idiotic trip that is not worth the time or the aggravation, especially in those infamous...
  2. Washington DC
    I am probably a bit slow on the uptake on this but I just realized why fuber does stacked pings. I drive for fuber and Lyft like most of us and if fuber stacks my pings that means I can't switch on Lyft between rides and pick up a Lyft rider. DOH , as someone around here says
  3. San Diego
    How do you all feel about these stacked trips? I personally don't like them for 2 reasons: 1. They always seem to happen when you're planning on taking a break - Timing certainly sucks sometimes with Uber. 2. They are one of the reasons we don't see our old friend "Serge" anymore, because...
1-3 of 3 Results