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stacked pings
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  1. Complaints
    How do you guys feel about those new pings during the current trip? My last one was a mess... pax on the car wants to continue his trip, while the next pax wants me to hurry up... Anybody here have the same or other issues about this function? Or y'all think it's good enough to cover those...
  2. Washington DC
    1) First accepted ping of the night is a DF trip from Fairfax toward the city and it's a pool. Arrive, start the cancel timer, at 1:40 bouncer comes asks if I'm picking up 2 dudes. I respond that it's an uberpool for "Gordan" Guy stumbles out and sits in the car, 2nd guy turns back, so I say...
  3. Canberra
    Twice now I've received stacked ping ride requests close to the first rider's pickup point but far from that rider's destination. It happened just this morning (Easter Monday). I had collected my first passenger from the airport, which I was in the process of leaving on my way to his...
  4. San Diego
    Lastnight I took a long ride to a La Jolla hotel. I broke two of my own rules, passenger wanted to run thru Jack in the box, broke rule number one and let him eat in car because it was a $65 run. Pulling into driveway of hotel I accepted a stack ping from same hotel, figured I was there anyway...
  5. Washington DC
    I am probably a bit slow on the uptake on this but I just realized why fuber does stacked pings. I drive for fuber and Lyft like most of us and if fuber stacks my pings that means I can't switch on Lyft between rides and pick up a Lyft rider. DOH , as someone around here says
  6. San Francisco
    I just noticed this after updating the app but I haven't heard anything about it yet... Is Uber actually allowing drivers the option to not be pinged with further requests while on Pool? Does it appear for X trips as well to avoid stacked pings when we need a break?
1-6 of 6 Results