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  1. Stories
    This might be a long drunken weekend for some with St Patrick's Day falling on a Thursday this year and around my territory, it looks like most celebrations will be held on the 19th. So, what's your game plan? Are you going to be driving the drunk shift or perhaps you'll be the pax? Are there...
  2. Atlanta
    What’s up y’all? In the next few months, I’ll be moving to Atlanta from Baltimore and I’m curious about how much money I can make on St. Patrick’s Day. In Baltimore, I’ve made almost $300 and it’s the best day of the year to work Uber, but I’m curious about Atlanta?
  3. Chicago
    This is excellent. Every year CWB posts what appears to be a play-by-play blotter of activity that takes place in and around Wrigleyville on the weekend of St. Pat's celebrations. I believe they also post activity that takes place during tbox and other big events. The real news is here. No...
  4. Chicago
    I got this on uber feed, is that right? Can I tell my pax that no go inside this area?!? Are we getting tickets if we do pickups and dropoffs there?!? Lyft didn’t mention anything yet.....
  5. Chicago
    You do more bar drop offs at 9am than 9pm. There's more green on people's clothing than there front lawn. Politicians pretend to like the voters. You ask yourself, why the hell do I put up with this crap at these rates?
  6. New Jersey
    i usually just stick to Uber especially on Friday night in New Brunswick/Edison because it's plenty busy with little down time. Lyft has a 40/hour guarantee tonight was looking for some feedback. Typically Friday nights I'll start around 8 and head home around 3/4 depending on how much I made...
  7. Chicago
    Good, bad, funny or sad, what was your most memorable trip for the holiday Weekend? I was honored to provide transportation service for Mr. O'Brian, Consul General of Ireland, in town to kick off the Chicago St. Patrick's Day festivities. What's the odds, huh? Nice fellow, great chat!
  8. Dallas
    Raffle, boost & ride bonuses. #it'sON
  9. Montgomery County
    UBER Extends St Pattys Day $100 Contest On To Saturday 3/19 I just got this by SMS at 11:00 am. UBER St. Paddy's Day festivities continue today and demand will be high. From noon to 3am you have a chance every hour to win $100. Get ready for a busy day!
1-9 of 9 Results