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  1. Advice
    Please answer the Poll. In those markets where it's been activated, how does in-App Tipping compare to the old cash-way of getting Tips? Remember, Uber must now report on your 1099-form, all Tips received through the App, to the IRS as income, subject to the 15.3% self-employment tax plus your...
  2. London
    American drivers seems to get better tips. Uber's policy is the same in both countries: "Tipping unnecessary and not supported in App". Begging might get you deactivated. Would some of the techniques used by American drivers work in the UK? Americans primarily use "tasteful" tipping signs. The...
  3. Advice
    1 Duracell a.c. power inverter. Velcrowed bottom of the inverter to the center console facing the back seats. 1 Phone mounted to the top (25 dollar Android Phone from best buy), 3m bendable steel mounted directly to the top of the Duracell inverter. Wi-Fi on phone. No SIM. Tethered it to my reg...
1-3 of 3 Results