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  1. New Jersey
    Sprint is running a promo for everyone. Unlimited service for 15$ a month, called, "kickstart program." Catch is that you have to port a number to sprint and own the device. Gl... 18882114727
  2. Boston
    How's it going NE drivers. With Sprint having a 50% off sale on their Samsung flagship phones I've been contemplating on switching since they're suppose to support calls and data simultaneously. I've pretty much done my research, would probably get the Note 8. Would cost me a total of 93 to 103...
  3. Pittsburgh
    Hey all, I was just wondering what cell phone providers you have found to have good coverage when driving in the city and surrounding areas. Anyone use sprint? What's your experience been?
  4. Technology
    I learned something today. I was having issues with my wifi turning on every time I would restart the car with my charger plugged in. I would have to manually turn it off every time I started or shut down my engine. I finally found the culprit! Sprint Connection optimizer. It tries to...
1-4 of 4 Results