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  1. Chicago
    So at this time I usually post how busy a Monday morning is. But this is spring break week for CPS and also many suburban public schools. It will be slower this week. You’ll just have to grind and work a little harder to make hay. Had to make the obvious known before somebody else does.
  2. Miami
    Is this it for S. Fla ?
  3. Chicago
    well vacations are there for sure. I drove 30mn with no bing in LP. Drove 10 mn back home and back on my other computer job
  4. Phoenix
    Anyone feel a slowdown at spring training games this week? My Monday was great, Tuesday was piss poor and Wednesday was average at best. But a total fail for spring training. My guess is all the spring breakers are gone. Let's hope today through the weekend is red hot!
  5. Pay
    My friend he drive for uber say he make $500 in Destin spring break last night! I want to drive uber in Destin but I have no minivan :( My cousin have minivan but live in Alabama can he bring van here and I work uber? Do he have to get new license plates?
1-5 of 5 Results