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  1. Pay
    https://knowtechie.com/uber-payment-per-hour/ Uber and Lyft offer a great way to make some extra cash or even start your own small business. Or do they? For one ride-sharing driver, the answer is a firm no when looking at his per hour rate. Road Guy Rob recently took to YouTube to explain...
  2. Taxes
    Has anyone figured out how to get full report on Excel spreadsheet format? Will/can a hub provide an export? I am currently going through each week, then each day, then each ride. Why... I drive in a different city from when I live. Sometimes, I have a fare over that pay the tolls. Sometimes...
  3. Pay
    Hi there, new driver in Tulsa, Ok. for now. I need advice and help on how to set up Spreadsheet on a Macbook Pro. Thanks
  4. Asheville
    Hello all, I have made an Excel spreadsheet that aggregates local surge data from Surge Chaser. Everyone else will have to compile their own data for their own locale, but youse guys can just correct the CSV paths & use the thing if you want. You will have to start adding your own data in the...
  5. Technology
    Hi all, I have created a spreadsheet-complete with data queries that digest Surge Chaser CSV output files-for anybody who wants to use them. Surge Chaser only recently began offering an "Export to Excel" functionality. I was (originally) trying to parse the raw Android notification logs, so...
  6. Technology
    UberPeople... I'm having zero luck finding a program or app that easily accesses my app data (including individual trip data, miles, rates... etc) that I can use to determine the "real income". Any suggestions? I am now manually transferring all my data to anot excel spreadsheet. Thanks!
  7. Melbourne
    I have been working over the past year on an easy and comprehensive control for my Uber income and decided to share it with you guys, my fellow Uber drivers. It can be very helpful specially for new drivers or who has not created it's own control yet. This is an Excel spreadsheet so you need...
  8. Pay
    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1enQV6cSI_xANkiM0KUYU2zuHHDq3VoRLXym1XuhVxH4/edit?usp=sharing Click on the link above to compare uber vs lyft vs your city's rates vs. any other city. You can only edit the red lined cells (rates per mile, rate per minute. percentage taken). Fares on...
  9. Pay
    I love the earnings calculator under the resources tab. Has anyone done this up as a spread sheet and is willing to share? I'm not smart with spreadsheets so I can't do it myself, but would love it if someone else has figured that out. TIA Marie
  10. Pay
    I've been working on a spreadsheet for keeping track of trips fares and pay. It has four individual worksheets. The datasheet itself that includes the fare, SRF, Ubers fee and your cut. A pivot table to read and filter the data and two different charts. If you find it's helpful or have any...
1-10 of 10 Results