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  1. Sydney
    Has anybody ever experienced this with Splend? I’ve been an Uber driver for an year now. I rent a car from Splend. I was charge a fortune!! Splend have me charging me $25 admin fee for tolls. I had no idea my toll wasn’t going through. So Splend sent me a big bill by holding onto the tolls...
  2. Australia
    Whens the government/ATO gonna wake up? Ubers %27.5 cut is the ATO’s cut, Uber simply takes it instead. Renting car from Splend collects all GST instead of ATO... Uber and Splend are simply just taking all the ATO’s money!! The ATO would be much better off lowering Ubers cut to %15 so they...
  3. Sydney
    I've been looking at splend.... just wondered if anyone has or is using splend and what your experience of them and their service has been.
  4. Melbourne
    I have just seen an ad on channel 7 spruiking splend the company that leases cars for ride sharing for $269 per week, insurance, registration and road side assistance all inclusive whilst you earn up to $3000 per week. I have been a driver for many months and I cannot come close to that figure...
1-4 of 4 Results