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  1. Advice
    Has anyone else experienced this sound before? I must admit, I neglected my air cabin filter for a few months. When I pulled it out to replace it, there was pretty much an entire tree in there haha. I'm thinking there is a stem, leaf, gas receipt or thistle that is barely touching the squirrel...
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    I like the old app sound notification, its really unique and cannot be mistaken for anything else except an Uber trip request. Anyone else think that the new sound notification sounds like a door bell chime?;);)
  3. Lyft
    Looking for ideas. For a couple days all requests are coming with no audible ping. Maybe a very quiet one, will explain... I checked all sound and notification settings I can think of (Android phone). All are on or turned up. Support said to run the Ride Walk Through and what happens there...
  4. Washington DC
    Is there a way to hear Uber's navigation directions within the Uber app without Waze or Google maps? Can't find the little speaker icon that used to toggle sound on and off. I am using Android. Thanks.
  5. Technology
    I am using Uber Partner app v3.94.0, and an iPhone 6 w/ iOS v9.2.1 (both are latest). Uber Partner app now only gives me a pop-up msg. to notify me of incoming pax requests, no sound at all. If I'm not looking at my iPhone, or itis in my pocket, I may not notice a new pax request coming in...
  6. Technology
    In the past few weeks I've been experiencing MORE sound issues from the Uber app. It's always been screwy from time to time, but only when I have the app on, that seems to be worse. Now, the sound on my phone, iPhone 6, is screwy even when the app isn't on. I've had Verizon run diagnostics and...
  7. Technology
    Ever since I upgraded to ios9 on my iphone 5s, my uber app has no sound! When I get rider requests, it doesn't beep! This is very inconvenient for me, because now I have to stare at the phone the whole time in order to not miss any requests, and apple has made it so you cant downgrade back to 8...
1-7 of 7 Results