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  1. Sydney
    is it permissible to have a security camera inside the car and does it improve the rider's behavior during the journey?
  2. Melbourne
    Hello everyone, I am going to start a social group for the first Friday of every month, if I get 5 or more people interested a meetup in Melbourne will be organised. PM me if you're interested.
  3. San Francisco
    Careful at this address, there’s a City social worker who calls X from an art studio in there, when it should be Assist. Some snot comes out and expects you to wheel morbidly obese, mentally handicapped pax to your car, load them in, fold the wheel chair, stash it and look after their patient...
  4. Sydney
    If you are incredibly horny, just post one word (any one word).
  5. Seattle
    So a thought came to mind. I have a friend in SODO, real close to the fields with a decent sized venue space. I'd say around 3000 square feet. Or at least enough to fit over a hundred or so. We have been looking for ways to expand its use as it was a shop before, and has a little down time...
  6. Advice
    Just fishing for opinions on something I've always wondered about and never asked a pax directly. I drive nights, and often when I've picked up a "man & women" or even "man/women group of 4", the women will take the front seat. I've even had many times where a couple/married do this. I've often...
1-6 of 6 Results