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  1. Stories
    I drove a young lady home three weeks ago and she stated the corona virus is a joke. I asked why do you say that, she stated that Trump even said it’s a democratic hoax’s. I recommend to her not to take it as a joke, because people are dying. In return when she got out of the Uber she gave me a...
  2. News
    https://www.6abc.com/amp/society/uber-releases-new-fitness-guide-to-help-you-workout-while-you-ride/5114901/ UBER RELEASES NEW FITNESS GUIDE TO HELP YOU WORKOUT WHILE YOU RIDE If the brutal cold is keeping you from your exercise routine, you can still get a workout in on your way to work or...
  3. Sydney
    Some of the finest SMH journalism regarding Uber, to date. Discuss... Who is John Galt? Dear Uber driver, please don't rate me down for not feeling chatty DAILY LIFE The dinner party is no longer serving its purpose And yet, somehow my Uber rating has been slowly slipping. At last glance I was...
  4. Stories
    Pax: Why do you have a dash cam? Me: I drive late at night, it's just there in case people do bad things, or false accusations, or if someone makes a mess or throws up. Pax: Has anyone ever thrown up in your car? Me: I have had 4 vomiting episodes so far. Pax: OMG! What do you do when that...
1-4 of 4 Results