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  1. Australia
    Which fast workers leave the most lingering stench in your upholstery? I had a pax from Red Rooter in the other who left in the car, in the words of Kenny, “a stink that will outlast religion” Hasn’t put me off the product though!
  2. Advice
    I drive mostly at night and I tend to pickup drivers who are often coming from clubs. I keep a couple bottles of Febreze in the car for in between rides but often the morning after when I get into my car to head to my main job I still smell the scent of smoke from various Blunts and cigarettes...
  3. San Diego
    It is unavoidable, you will have foul smells in your car! Back when I start doing Uber I faced this problem. Most car fresheners didn’t last more than I few days and seem to be slow removing odors. After testing several products I found Ozium, best odor removal stuff I ever used, except it...
  4. Stories
    So. My better half made some awesome chilli for dinner last night. I went through the day at work going from meeting to meeting. Got in my car and started on my way home to the suburbs. Traffic has been bad due to the snowstorm and it's kinda cold outside so I figured instead of sitting on...
  5. Dallas
    OK, so yesterday i took my car to the shop to get some work done. I had to uber back home and that was fine. later on that day i had to uber back when my car was ready, and i requested an uber. The guy had a 4.2 rating, and when i saw that i wondered how it could be so low? Well when he pulled...
  6. New Jersey
    its happened several times already, driving near a river or some body of water around low tide and it smells like rotten eggs, has this happened to anyone else? Do u wait for the pax to mention the smell? Do u say something first? Say nothing at all? I assume they think I farted or something...
1-6 of 6 Results