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  1. San Francisco Peninsula and South Bay
    I mainly drive Pleasanton/Livermore/Dublin on weekend nights. Usually there’s enough activity to keep me pretty busy. Last weekend I decided to stop taking pool rides and had a pretty good weekend. This weekend is a very different story. Last night was my slowest night in two and a half years...
  2. Binghamton & Syracuse
    Today was my very first day as a driver. I got one cancelation and one trip in 4 hours. I was stationed at what would normally be the busiest areas for a Friday night in Syracuse new york. I will admit they were slower than usual and I could see several other drivers were there. My buddy...
  3. Las Vegas
    Last night i went online just after 7p, had a ride from linq and dropped him off at Hooters at 745p. Soon after that I drove to the T mobile arena area to wait for a ride, 15 min later nothing happened. Went back to Linq to see if I could get another ride there, sat there till 830p. I didnt know...
  4. Lyft
    hey all !! been driving for lyft bout 2 mos now, mostly at nite. normally its busy , but Ive noticed in the past week that its just been a bit SLOW... like molasses.... :/ was out driving round 8 p.m. on a Thurs nite (which normally are kinda busy) & an hour later still hadn't received one...
  5. Dallas
    I am the only one who is NOT seeing the surge? It is 1:45am on Friday night & there is NO surge. It has been blank the whole day... Around deep Ellum right now :(
  6. St. Louis
    Hey guys and gals, so how did you do last night? I only had 6 measly trips last night from 10pm to 1am....
  7. St. Louis
    Thursday and Friday was pretty dead in CWE, Clayton and Dwntwn. I hate just sitting for long periods. I got the 15 guarantee text, but that didn't seem to be a true statement. Wondering if I should bother tonight. Last week was awesome ....what the heck happened?
  8. Tampa
    So yesterday I found an old post about the TAG program. I tried it out last night. I actually made more in tips then I did in fares. Best tip night ever. I was only online for 3 hours 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM. I did 7 rides, no make that 6 I did the 5 minute timer on one at the Hideaway on McMullen...
1-8 of 8 Results