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  1. Chicago
    I've been driving now for almost 2 years and been doing this on the weekends. Here I am Sunday morning and I've been on for almost an hour in the most heavily populated Uber requested area and not one ride I'm a 4.9 rating with 100% acceptance. What is going on?
  2. Chicago
    Is it slow today , I have been out since 8 AM so far all I got is seven trips and yesterday it was just as bad my rating is uber 4.88 anybody having the same problem, so five hours seven trips
  3. Chicago
    What happened to uber? I remember that just a couple of weeks ago I could go out in the morning and expect to see surge the entire time, almost always scooping up a rider for at least 1.8x. Now, I'm lucky if I even get a rider and make $50! It has been days since there has been any surge at...
  4. Chicago
    Has it been slow tonight for you? Or is it just my neck of the woods, in the SW burbs? Do you think it's the rain, or the start of the school year that has fewer people out?
1-4 of 4 Results