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  1. San Diego
    I have never gone this long without a request. Did one ride this morning to Chula Vista and waited 20 minutes before heading back up north. It has now been 2 hours since a lyft or uber request (aside from 1 pool and 1 line, which I declined.) Anyone else struggling to get any ride requests...
  2. Lyft
    It's Saturday night. I just made $14 dollars in 1 hour and 45 minutes in Long Beach, CA. This is ridiculous. I'm pretty sure what is going on is that there are more drivers then ride requests. Which means that Lyft doesn't care how much their drivers make. There should be measures in place to...
  3. Phoenix
    Hey all..I live in a popular area of Phoenix, AZ. There are 14 restaurants within minutes of each other that offer UberEATS. I live within a 5 minute drive to any of them, so I log on at home and wait for the first order, which is only a few minutes. I’m usually offered new orders while...
  4. San Diego
    Is everyone experiencing the biggest ant invasion ever? This has been the slowest week. Can't even get a ride in PB on a weekend morning/afternoon without waiting 30 minutes or longer. My days doing this are coming to an end. Makes no sense.
  5. Complaints
    is it true that Uber prioritize new drivers at airport queues? for the last 2 weeks takes you more than 3 hours to get ping at bush. you can't just drive away coz anywhere in houston you will be lucky if get 2 short rides in 1 hour
1-5 of 5 Results