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  1. San Francisco
    I travel into the Bay Area to work and was wondering how people figured out how to park cheaply and safely.
  2. Washington DC
    Can we have this rhythm while working for uber . What is Circadian Rhythm? If you've ever noticed that you tend to feel energized and drowsy around the same times every day, you have your circadian rhythm to thank. What is it, exactly? Your circadian rhythm is basically a 24-hour internal...
  3. UberEATS
    Wow constant pings tonight and all of them 20 to 30 minutes away in the heart of Minneapolis. I really don't understand this if Uber doesn't have drivers in the heart of my city in downtown Minneapolis why didn't they have a boost there? It's Friday night don't ya think that maybe a few people...
  4. New Jersey
    If you were far from home and needed to take a nap in your car, maybe sometime tgis summer at the Jersey Shore.. where would you like you park and get some shut eye?
  5. News
    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5145375/Sydney-Uber-driver-charged-passenger-fatally-struck.html An Uber driver who had allegedly been working 21 hours straight has been charged after a passenger fell out of his cab and was fatally struck by a bus. The passenger, a 30-year-old man...
  6. San Francisco
    Where do you sleep when you stay in Frisco for the night shift? I'm here now, arrived at lunch rush, now I want to take a nap until night shift starts! Where do I sleep? Is there a house we can crash at with people who live there or do this on a daily? Please advice-no smart assess please-
  7. New York City
    Guys, please, turn lights off when you are standing on cell phone lot at night. It is bothering while I am sleeping at car for 3rd hour to get an Uberpoo ping.
  8. Los Angeles & Orange County
  9. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Ok, so one thing I think KekeLo knows about RUSSREED2.0 I nap, Like crazy. Just ask her. I guess my question is: DO YOU NAP ( UBER WORLD )?! How long?! Has your sleep schedule changed?!!
  10. News
    http://www.hindustantimes.com/delhi/watch-uber-driver-dozes-off-forcing-passenger-to-take-the-wheels/story-bD0cxqmoZ5mPb9dGR9jc5N.html An Uber driver allegedly dozed off while driving a passenger from New Delhi to Gurgaon leaving the latter with no choice but to take the wheels. Ishaan...
  11. San Francisco
    Peeps, get your rest, get your sleep, and stop telling your sad story to PAX (Spoiler alert, they don't give a shit about you) and when they ask what time you started, you say 2 hours ago and leave it at that.... check this article, someone was babbling too much: (I sometimes look like the guy...
1-11 of 11 Results