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  1. Autonomous
    Startups from around the world are coming to the purpose-built track that recreates an urban environment over 5 acres at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University. The roads look like any other in the city, with stop lights, crosswalks and traffic signs. There's even a rain simulator...
  2. Singapore
    Hi there, Anyone out there that did their medical checkup under Uber around the last week of July? I did mine then and am still waiting for an update from LTA. Understand there is a surge in request hence the slow process. But anyone has any updates how long do we have to wait? Cheers
  3. News
    3 slightly related news items squeezed into 1 thread. 1) In case you do not already know, Business accounts are a major Uber revenue stream. Businesses encourage late-night work by providing employees with free Uber rides home. 2) Uber has suspended its services in Philippines after the...
  4. Brisbane
    Before I read any new news on Uber I get this track ready for background music: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Smoke, Then Fire: Uber Knowingly Leased Unsafe Cars to Drivers Uber driver Koh Seng Tian had just dropped off a passenger in a...
  5. Miami
  6. Singapore
    Any bro, please advise I want to use the map without using the Data plan. USe it offline. Many thanks
  7. Singapore
    Dear ppl of this forum, So, my dad has been driving uber as a FT for the past 8 weeks. He intends to drive for UBER FT. However, he has some concerns that maybe some of you can answer. 1) Its been noticed that UBER reduces incentives for 'older' drivers in their system; CashKing differs...
  8. Singapore
    A price comparison site published a study comparing the prices of the average Uber, Grab and conventional taxis and highlighting which were the cheaper option. Though it is obvious the ride hailing services are more cost efficient than taxis, the research shows that Grab provides a cheaper...
  9. Autonomous
    South China Morning Post http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/economy/article/2024445/hong-kong-not-ready-trial-driverless-cars-government-says#add-comment "This global trend will force governments to put in place driverless taxis because automakers around the world will mainly produce...
  10. Singapore
    anyone encounter after returning of vehicle unable to view statement from uber web am able to view it on sun morning which is 28 aug but mon morning wanna view unable oreadi no payment statement for the whole week of 22-29 aug no incentives for the whole week which i had check on sun morning...
  11. Singapore
    Hi I've noticed that recently there are many new uber cars on the road and anyone know where are they from? Like the new vezel shuttle and Mazda 3 which car rental do most people rent from?
  12. Singapore
    Last week incentives all gone check with uber how Drivers know the rate for acceptance they juz base on their system as a driver will not be able to know Eg: when passenger change destination n there a call in driver unable to accept call When passenger arrive the destination but inform driver...
  13. Singapore
    Lets share the hotspots or recommended areas for UberExec and Execlarge drivers. Let the list grow~ and input valuable advise on where specific to wait on after midnight. Weekday (Day) - - novena - bukit timah Weekday (Night) - - habourfront - robertson quay Weekends (Day) - - Airport -...
  14. Singapore
    Hi any hirer looking for relief driver? I am interested in driving for Uber as a relief driver. I have driven for Uber before last year. Please call or sms me at 91520970 (Wilson Lee). Thanks
  15. Singapore
    Hi Brothers & Sisters, I driving UberX as part time now. I plan to quit my job and drive full time as Uber Exec. Anyone can advise me about Uber Exec? Feel free to whatsapp me @ 91162299
  16. Singapore
    Hi Guys Was wondering what is the cost and life like driving uber part time? I am able to commit Monday to Thursday driving from 6PM to 9-10PM. Friday from 6PM - Till late, say 2AM. Saturday any time. and hopefully Sunday to rest. Am I able to to cover cost ? eg, rental vehicle + patrol...
  17. Singapore
    Hi everyone, We are a new start up coming up in Singapore, which aims to help Uber/Grabcar drivers to generate a stable income everyday. Targeting customers who want personal drivers without paying them full time salary and the vehicle. We want to connect drivers with regular customers who...
  18. Singapore
    'New and improved' UberGLO. Helps passengers locate their Uber driver as well as facilitate faster pick-ups. Power source now has been directly connected to a car's power source, contrary to reliance on double AA batteries this requires a USB adapter, via an in-built transformer. Price: 19.00...
  19. Singapore
    Hi, I m looking for a relief driver night shift. Vehicle is Toyota vios daily rental I pay $30, relief driver will pay $30. Rental is deducted from weekly earnings. Car maintenance and repairs all provided. Thanks
1-20 of 25 Results