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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Since UberX has been allowed at Pearson, has anyone noticed their GPS signals have been out of whack? Does anyone else suspect GPS jamming from taxi drivers as retaliation?
  2. Technology
    I live and (starting next week) will be driving in upstate NY, Catskills region. Very often the cell service is spotty in this part of the state and in some areas, there is none at all. Does anyone else have experience driving in rural parts of their states where this may occur? I also have...
  3. Denver
    I've had my google navigation cut out around I25 and I225 on a couple of occasions, now (once was this evening on the way to the Hyatt). It has always come back on a few miles later. Are there any tricks to get it back online? Anyone else have this problem? Is this a "dead zone"?
  4. Chicago
    I am new to Uber. I have 127 lifetime trips and a 4.91 rating. I've been doing fairly well until most recently when I've been getting more and more trips smack dab center in the loop. I'm new to Chicago. I just came from the burbs a month ago so I'm relying heavily on GPS and it never fails me...
1-4 of 4 Results