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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    TLDR; When I signed up for Uber it was through a referral code I found online for $750. Now they are telling me it's only for $100 even though support on the phone and email said they would award the $750 if I had proof. Has anyone had problems like this and what did/can you do to solve it? So...
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    Wanted to make extra cash by referring my friend and look what I'm getting. It is keep asking me to select a city when there is no option to choose one :mad:. Someone has to be retaarded, is it me or Uber ? photo hosting [/URL]image upload no limit[/IMG]
  3. Chicago
    Hello fellow drivers. Question for those that signed up with sign up with Uber with driver sign on bonus. I need a advise. I have signed up with Uber with $1640 sign on bonus which uber website states i would get after 100 rides, which is 8-10 days for me within first 30 days. I have yet to take...
  4. Philadelphia
    Hi All: just signed up today, used an online promo code for 500 sign up bonus, but forgot the details how to get it, might be 100 trips for the first 30 days, over 90% acceptance, where can i check the details, and what's the contact email for phily uber? Thx for all, best regards
1-4 of 4 Results