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  1. Lyft
    You know those Promotional efforts of Lyft, where you get a sign on code, and you’re guaranteed $__.___ dollars, if you complete 100 rides, etc. Has anybody experienced any type of generosity whereas they came close and still got the bonus? (or partial bonus?)... or are they super strict with...
  2. Advice
    Is this Uber's way of acknowledging my territory is over saturated?
  3. Charlotte
    Rideshareschmuckus dt com
  4. Washington DC
    I'm a NJ Lyft/Uber driver and my wife and I are moving to the Washington DC metro area. We are trying to fill in some extra/side income to help cover moving and costs and we are trying to see if it is even worth it with current promotions. What are the current Uber/Lyft Promos for signing up...
  5. Advice
    If you're having issues with the sign up process feel free to message me and I can try to assist you.
  6. Complaints
    Did you sign-up with Uber (or any other rideshare company) under a promotion, and were you promised a bonus upon completing a certain number of rides? What were you offered? Did you complete on the number of rides within the allotted period of time? What happened next? - it doesn't matter...
  7. Chicago
    Hello fellow drivers. Question for those that signed up with sign up with Uber with driver sign on bonus. I need a advise. I have signed up with Uber with $1640 sign on bonus which uber website states i would get after 100 rides, which is 8-10 days for me within first 30 days. I have yet to take...
1-7 of 7 Results