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  1. News
    Good day my mules and Uber shills, today I will go over an interesting observation that will probably not surprise most of you. Since February I've noticed an increasing trend regarding Uber's short activity. Usually, dips in stock price during a surge in volumetric pricing hint at profit...
  2. Brisbane
    I pick up passenger, they going to city :-( I was hoping for Gold Coast. Never mind me still a winner!. I driving along Airport Drive and turn phone off and say to passenger "my phone die, oh no, but I remember address it all ok" so I drop passenger off in city then off I go back to airport but...
  3. UberEATS
    In a perfect world, every delivery would be a pleasant 30 minute ride away, but this isn’t a perfect world. Short deliveries are annoying, but the REALLY short deliveries are something to behold. Who on earth would pay a premium for food delivery from a restaurant that’s within sight of their...
  4. Notifications
  5. New York City
    Your comments guys , what would you say for this ?
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I wana see what you guys will come up with. This is mine. .6 miles and I went the long way.
  7. Pay
    I am not yet a rideshare driver (still weighing it). But I have seen screenshots of some of the weekly/daily summaries they send Drivers, and I was wondering how you personally check to make sure you are receiving what you should. I've seen plenty of complaints about being initially underpaid...
  8. Singapore
    Thread closed - driver found.
  9. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I noticed last night, and spoke to another driver with same issue; Mileage for RUSH delivery rides is being shorted by 10-25%. Start complaining now to Uber to get this resolved. Conveniently there's no option to have these fares reviewed in app. Also it wouldn't surprise me if people rides...