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  1. Seattle
    Hey guys a poster in Austin Texas, member clayinaustin gave me this bit of info yesterday. Lime will offer car sharing in Seattle, moving beyond bikes and scooters You might be familiar with Lime from its brightly branded dockless scooters and bikes littered across urban landscapes, but...
  2. San Francisco
    So I’m curious what factors weigh in on the lack of traffic downtown over the past cpl weeks. I’m not complaining by any means but it’s been bizarre for SF to be so easy to navigate even with the giants at home, during am/pm rush, and with some major conferences (RSA, Blockchain) in town. I...
  3. Complaints
    New PAX user here in NYC. Here is a different beast and dynamic altogether so I'd appreciate relevant insight from mainly NYC area uber drivers. I stumbled upon this forum after having some increasing difficulty with the app in regards to 3 things which will tie into my main point below: 1) My...
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Ok lets: Welp its slower than LAX, but a tiny bit faster than John Wayne. Ummmm cops galore, and well shorties for the taking. All in all, you can get from LB to LB and make $10.00, while sitting for 3 hours. WOO HOO... Please posts thoughts, shall we, lets.
  5. Houston
    I got a ping while driving on the highway in the suburbs, accepted it hoping it was a ride back into town, and had to drive 2.5 miles to the next exit to u-turn and drive 3 miles back to the destination - in construction traffic for nine minutes. It was a $2.20 ride for .76 miles from one side...
1-5 of 5 Results