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  1. Technology
    Hi all! My name is Noopur, I am a PhD student at UC Irvine and I study ridesharing apps to publish papers about how their design can be improved. (Here's my previous paper if you want to read...
  2. St. Louis
    I received an email from SherpaShare today asking if I wanted to join their cashless tipping program. Anyone tried this yet? THE UBER CASHLESS TIPPING PROGRAM Want to pilot a new way to help you get cashless tips (via text message) as an Uber driver? We are three weeks into our tipping...
  3. Advice
    Just posted that I moved from SF to Sacramento and looking for advice. My follow up is: Are there meetups here? Like airport lot or starbucks?
  4. Cleveland & Akron
    Cleveland Uber and Lyft drivers... PLEASE consider signing up with SherpaShare.com and integrating the data from your Uber and Lyft accounts. Even if you don't use any of their expense, mileage tracking or tax estimate features, simply allowing the site to use the Uber and Lyft APIs to collect...
  5. Fort Myers & Naples
    Today around 2:30 in the afternoon I opened up the Sherpashare app and looked at the heat map, then did the same in the partner app. They seem to be the exact opposite of one another. The Sherpashare map shows eastern collier being more busy than the western portion of the county. Wtf?
  6. Las Vegas
    I notice I don't see many LV drivers on SherpaShare. Not a bad app overall. Anyways, has a decent heat map and chat function. Plus earnings and expenditure tracking with CSV export ability for us dataphiles. So, there you go.
1-6 of 6 Results