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  1. San Francisco
    SFPD’s finest are on every other corner around Carnival & Potrero Hill, all busy “not targeting” U/L drivers. Someone has to pay for those shiny new Interceptor cars & SUVs, this is your chance to contribute. You can relax if you see one of the old battered Crown Vics though, they’re stuck doing...
  2. San Francisco
    Suddenly this week there seems to be a jump in SFPD traffic stops, 101 north had cars pulled over near the 3rd st exit all night, also coming back in at the top of Lincoln/Kezar. Could be for public safety though.
  3. San Francisco
    Be careful out there all, it’s that time again, yes, the last 2 days of SFPD Quota Week. SOMA crawling with tax collectors on motorcycles and shiny new Interceptors & cruisers everywhere else. If u don’t use Waze for navi at least run it in the background for alerts.
  4. San Francisco
    The filth are giving Uber drivers Stop Sign traffic taxes, there’s one sitting at 17th & Uranus.
  5. San Francisco
    SFPD is rounding up uber drivers at the Airport and checking your papers. I followed them as they rounded up a group of 20 drivers. In the last instance of the day, they blocked the entrance to the Uber parking lot. Waiting until there was a line of uber drivers all the way to the light...
1-5 of 5 Results